Why We Don't Take Phone Orders

For us, it's all about efficiency and protecting the bottom line. Here are the 3 main reasons we no longer accept phone orders:

  1. Wastage - When we take phone orders and that customer doesn't show up to pay and collect, that food will likely be thrown out, resulting in a loss. This piles up quickly when you take dozens of phone orders daily.

  2. Efficiency - The time it takes to input a phone order takes attention away from in-store customers, orders currently being processed on the line and every day activities like restocking, cleaning, etc.

  3. Technology - We have invested heavily in modern technology to facilitate easy and convenient online/mobile ordering. There is no need to place phone orders when a customer can go directly to our website or app and correctly ring up their own order, input special requests, make note of allergies, and see what's currently on the menu without having to talk to a cashier or wait in line.

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