• Katie Bellinger

JamaFo Xpress is a Green Company

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

JamaFo Xpress is a youthful and vibrant brand with an esteemed set of core values.

Be Authentic, Be Consistently Good, Be Kind

While these values definitely apply to our food, customer service and charity, we also believe an important element these core values embody is an appreciation for Mother Earth.

Starting in 2020, JamaFo Xpress will play our part in reducing our ecological footprint through the following:

JamaFo Xpress Packaging

  • Reducing plastic consumption by offering only using recycled paper (as pictured above) and reusable containers

  • Eliminating the use of styrofoam

  • Asking all customers during the online ordering process if they NEED cutlery, straws and/or napkins or would like to forgo taking any to avoid wastage

This question offers all our online customers the opportunity to consciously assess their own personal decisions and get these items only on a per need basis.

As we continue to build successful brands, we’ll constantly evaluate our stance to better reflect our values and industry/consumer trends. Our goal is to be a fully green company by 2025.